To Move to a Home Office or Not to Move?

New researches show that working from home can make people several times more productive. So does that mean that you should move to a home office? Unfortunately, now all business fields can benefit from this arrangement. If, for example, you are running a physical store or you are managing a restaurant or a hotel, relocating all your business activities to your house will simply be impossible. But if you are working spheres such as IT, online retailing, event planning, etc. this may be just the change you need. Moving your business to your home can:

  • Save you a lot of money
  • Put an end to the nightmare of daily commuting
  • Provide you with more flexibility
  • Let you spend more time with your family

But even if your line of work allows for a remote home-based office, there may still be a few hurdles standing on your way. To check whether this is the right option for you and for your business, ask yourself these questions.

Do you have enough space for a home office?

If you really want to relocate your business to your apartment or house, you need to be serious about it. This means that using up the dining table in your kitchen as a desk will not be a good long-term solution. You will need to set up a special, designated office area in your home. It does not need to be an entire room although that is highly preferable, especially if you want to be able to work in peace.

Will you need to buy any special equipment?

A laptop and a printer do not take up a lot of space and are not likely to force you to break the bank. However, you may also need to invest in a desk, filing cabinets, a big and comfy chair… Whatever equipment you use in your current office you need to bring to your home. Can you afford to make such an investment and will you find room for it?

Will you need to meet with clients and partners often?

If you work directly with clients and you need to have regular meetings with business partners, moving your office to your home may actually hurt your company. The good news is that you can easily rent conference rooms of all sizes these days or you can even enjoy a nice business lunch every now and then.

Is this a solution that will work for everyone on your team?

Even when you are running a small business, you need to consider the needs of everyone on your team. Hold a staff meeting and see if your employees accept that idea. They may not have the resources or the conditions for such an arrangement.

How are you going to carry out your home office move?

Moving your business to a home office may sound like a simple ordeal but you may need to opt for reliable office removals in London to speed up the process and avoid any downtime. Also, this is the safest option you have if you are planning to take a lot of bulky equipment and furniture with you.