How to Protect Valuable Furniture During a Move?

Moving homes is a stressful enough matter, but things get really complicated when you have really pricy pieces of furniture or appliances that you need to take care of while changing addresses. No matter whether we are talking about an antique set of dining room table and chairs that you have acquired for your home, or office furniture that you have parted with an arm and a leg to obtain, chances are that you would like to avoid any damage being sustained by them during transportation. Since each relocation is different, there is no universal formula to help you achieve that, but still, there are several strategies that you should be aware of.

Put apart what you can

Dismantling the furniture pieces which you need to move is your best bet when you are trying to advance its level of security throughout the process of transportation from point A to point B. Generally, the smaller the pieces being moved, the easier it is to pack and load them on the van (respectively, unload and unpack them at the new address). Doing this however can prove to be a challenge in its own right, so the best thing to do is ask your professional movers of choice whether they can provide you with a flexible furniture assembly and disassembly in London that can achieve the desired results. Most respectable man and van contractors you can call should be able to assist you.

Insurance will be a good idea

No matter how well you have prepared for your upcoming relocation, chances are that you will not be able to help but worry about the integrity of your valuable furniture and other goods. That is why an additional safety net will improve your peace of mind. The best thing to do is purchase Goods in Transit Insurance. For a reasonable fee, based on the specs of the relocation job and the nature of the goods to be transported, you will be guaranteed a monetary reimbursement should the worst happen and some of your cherished items get damaged in the process.

Consider storage

Renting short term storage to move your valuable goods to is going to be helpful if you:

  • Do it prior to starting packing the rest of your items
  • Is done at premises that are guaranteed to be safe and secured
  • You will be able to easily access the storage unit from your new address to collect the items afterward

Finding suitable storage options in London should not be a problem.

Take your time

The trick is to never be in a rush. Thus you will be less likely to make a mistake and damage your goods, which will only add unnecessary strain and headaches to the equation of your domestic move. Taking your time is a sure-proof way to make progress faster.

If at any moment you do not know how to proceed, do not rush into mistakes, just call your movers and ask for their expert advice on the matter at hand.