Do This When You Need to Move Bulky Items

Need to relocate a big wardrobe that does not fit in your car or the family piano from point A to point B in the city? No matter whether the move is across the street or on the other side of London, there are many complications that may arise in the process. The risk of injuries, damage to your possessions and a lot of stress is real. Avoid it by following a number of very simple, yet efficient strategies that have proven to work perfectly after countless field tests.

Decide whether you need help

Sometimes you can handle the job of moving a bulky piece of furniture or appliance on your own, but in most cases, it requires a lot of skills, specialised tools and vehicles, not to mention physical strength – things that you do not possess. You can always ask a friend for help, but the best course of action is to hire professional help. Moving firms do not only full scale domestic or commercial removals. They will be glad to help you with smaller, more specific tasks. Licensed helper crew hire in London is a real thing and it is not that expensive. It is going to be a good deal for you.

Clear the premises

Check out if all accesses to your property are clear of rubbish. See if you and your movers will be able to safely manoeuvre:

  • In the hallways in your home
  • Staircases
  • Elevator and access to the elevator
  • The area in front of your door

Please note that the majority of professional movers reserve their right to refuse service if they deem those areas dangerously cluttered.

Plan ahead

Decide exactly when you are going to carry out the job and set aside enough time to finish it without rushing. That is the only way to have a stress-free experience and eliminate the chances for failure. Call your preferred movers early on so that you are certain they are available for the day and time you are going to need them. If you will be needing packing supplies, go to the store the day before and buy everything in advance – save yourself last minute trips to the market that will only stress you out.

Get the right tools

If the item that you are about to move allows it, dismantle it prior transportation. This will make handling, loading and driving them much safer and easier. You will need tools for that and if you don’t already have them, go and get some – either from the store or borrow them from a friend. You should look for ways to make your life less stressful when you are moving bulky furniture.

Packing materials do matter

Do not try to cut corners and save money off your removal boxes, wrapping materials and what not. If the safety of your goods is of paramount importance to you, just get the best packing supplies available, even if that means parting with a bit more cash than you have expected initially.