4 of The Best Places to Live in Hackney

As you may very well already know, the territory of the modern-day Greater London is being divided into 33 different areas that go by the name of boroughs. A borough is an administrative division which is considered to be semi-autonomous, with its own administration, council and set of rules. There are no two boroughs that are alike in terms of demography, culture and spirit neither. Hackney is a London borough that also has its own special character. It is unique in more than one way. What is more, living here comes with plenty of advantages. Let’s found out exactly why that is the case.

Hackney – a great place to live

The London Borough of Hackney, which is located immediately to the north of the City of London and other central locations and landmarks, is often thought of as being in the circle of the so-called Inner London. The area is quite exclusive and desirable due to its close proximity to the very heart of the English capital. Mare Street is the main hub here, being a commercial, historical and administrative centre. What adds to the charm and attractiveness of Hackney is the fact that the 2012 London Olympics, or at least several major events and venues during it, were hosted here. This prompted not only the creation of the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park but also major regeneration of considerable portions of Hackney in the years prior to the commencement of the Games.

If you are wondering whether or not you should move to Hackney, here we would like to take the opportunity to present you four of its distinct residential districts, which are, on top of everything else, offering its residents comfort and peace of mind beyond what one might expect.

Where to begin

Let us start off by talking about the beautiful area of Dalston E8. Its roots can be found on the historic Dalston Lane, around which a rather ordinary hamlet emerged. In recent years, however, due to the location of the area as well as the general gentrification that has been going on in London in recent decades, Dalston has become one of the more exclusive areas of Greater London. Property prices here are on average 8% higher than what is considered normal for London. The neighbourhood has been described as lively and ethnically diverse. Fans of the popular soap opera EastEnders might be thrilled to learn that the local Fassett Square, a historic house, served as inspiration for the show. Notable locals include:

  • Former Prime Minister Tony Blair
  • Actor and comedian Stephen Fry
  • Journalist Diane Morgan
  • Actress Emily Lloyd

Naturally, if you decide to move here, you will be accommodated by high-end man and van services in Dalston E8.

In case you prefer more low-key areas, but you still would like to remain relatively close to Central London, book an industry certified man and van in Lea Bridge E10 and move there. Administratively part of the town of Clapton, Lea Bridge is today often considered to be a separate entity with a population of well over 15 000. The lower reaches of the Lee Valley Park are in the neighbourhood, so if you want ready access to open green areas and natural landscapes, you are going to have it here.

The old suburban spirit of London

Another typical London suburb from the period prior to World War II, now very close to the heart of London is Crouch End. It is located 5 miles to the north of Charing Cross. It is known for its historic architecture: the old town hall, the clock-tower and the famous Crouch End Hippodrome are good examples of those. Highgate Wood and Queen’s Wood are notable parks there. Feel free to get in touch with a reputable man and van in Crouch End E8 in order to learn more about living conditions and the options you have for moving there.

Pictured: A view of Crouch End and the Clocktower

Last but not least, you might want to keep a cheap man and van in Finsbury Park N4 at hand because chances are you are going to fall in love with the area and want to move there. The area was developed around the eponymous park, one of the first public parks in history, and has beautiful architecture consisting mainly of old terraced houses, many of which are now converted into flats that would be perfect for your family and yourself.

Pictured: Finsbury Park is among the oldest public parks in England