House Features That Guarantee a Fast Home Sale

The shortage of housing in London is good news for people who want to sell their home. The demand is always high but the supply is nowhere near enough to accommodate the needs of the many home seekers in the English capital. Currently, the average time a residential property stays on the market in South East England is about 42 days which is quite impressive. However, if you want to ensure that your home will sell like hot pie at any given time, regardless of the property market conditions, you need to know what buyers want most in a house. Here are some of the home features that enjoy the greatest popularity among them:

  • Central heating (82%)
  • Double glazed windows (80%)
  • Secure windows and doors (74%)
  • Garden (69%)
  • Fast broadband connection (59%)

If your house or flat offers one or more of these features, you will also be able to sell it at a considerably higher price. If it has all of that, waste no time and find yourself fast domestic removal services in London because there will be plenty of people who would want to live in your home.

Central heating

This is one of the most efficient ways to heat a home in the United Kingdom. Central heating will keep your entire house properly heated. What is more, this heating method does the job faster compared to other alternatives such as using a fireplace, air-conditioner, a converter or a fan heater. With it, you can even set a preferred temperature and the thermostat will maintain it.

Double glazed windows

This type of windows offers several fantastic advantages. Firstly, they keep both noise and cold weather outside. Also, they are thicker which makes them harder to break. As a result, a home that has double glazed windows is more secure. For all those reasons, a property that has this feature has a higher value.

Secure windows and doors

Here we have a slight overlap with the previous home feature but namely, that shows that buyers show more interest in houses that are safe and intruder-proof. So, update your locks. You can go a bit further that and completely replace your windows and doors with others made from a sturdier and more durable material.


About 47% of London’s territory is made up of green open space and yet having a garden is always a very attractive feature. It offers an escape from city living and to enjoy it you do not even need to drive out of Greater London. Dog owners, in particular, find this feature irresistible as it ensures that they pooch has enough room to jump, run and do its business.

Fast Wi-Fi

Mobile internet still tends to be a bit too pricey, especially if you like to binge-watch your favourite TV shows online. Today, many people do not mind spending hours glued to the screen of their computer or television and having a fast and reliable broadband connection in your home makes this activity even more enjoyable.

Before you hire a team of vetted house movers in Kingston Vale SW15, pack your items or put your home on the market, make sure you add some of these features to your property. Other things which house buyers are interested in include an abundance of electrical sockets, a bathtub, a new water heater and, believe it or not, a landline telephone.