Moving Tips You Probably Haven’t Heard Before

Even though you will end up in your dream house ready to embrace your new life, the fact is that there is a long and nerve-wracking journey ahead of you first. Yes, moving probably won’t be your favourite experience, but to make it less stressful and easier, here are a few unusual tips you probably haven’t heard before. These will help you organise and cope with the stress of removal.

Random packing is the biggest moving mistake

No matter how tired you are or how little time you need to pack your belongings, don’t be tempted to pack random stuff into the boxes. If you do, the problem will arise when you start unpacking because finding a home to dozens of random items can be overwhelming. So, you’ll probably postpone this task, leaving the boxes unpacked for weeks or months. Pack your belongings into boxes that go with certain rooms and you unpacking will go smoothly. If you are moving on short notice, you will do yourself a big favour if you rely on a speedy moving box delivery service in London.

Cleaning and moving smaller items will take the longest

Moving smaller stuff to the moving van and then cleaning your place will probably take you longer than thought. Or at least it will feel like it. This is probably the time when fatigue kicks in and all you want is to go to sleep and wake up from this nightmare. But, you can avoid these stressful moments by preparing in advance. Try to box and bag as much as possible, especially those smaller things. You can also clean your old place thoroughly weeks before you move. So, when a moving day arrives, you will only need to give your house a fresh wipe.

It always costs more than you expect

Creating a moving budget for your upcoming removal is recommended but just because you have one ready doesn’t mean you won’t face extra spending. From deposits and finding the best man and van service in Kington upon Thames KT1, KT2, for example, to packing and cleaning supplies, it can sometimes feel like spending will never stop. However, there are some smart ways to save money and reduce the costs of your removal. For example, pack a box of cleaning supplies and other handy things that you will need when you move to your new place. The box can contain:

  • Paper towels
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Furniture sliders
  • Tools
  • Old wash rags

Having such items prepared in advance, you will avoid shopping for the first thing you find during your last-minute visits to the store. This will help you stay within your budget and save money.

You might face regret and insecurity

The first few days in your home is the time when the realness of the situation really sinks in. This is the time when you might feel insecure about your decision and might even regret it. Perhaps now you start to notice things you haven’t before like all those stairs or traffic noise. Don’t let these small things get to you because you need to focus on positive things. Don’t question your decision because temporary regret will be over in no time.