Key Areas in the Borough of Lambeth

Lambeth is one of the most central and nicest areas in the English capital today. As part of the 33 official boroughs of London, it serves administrative and residential purposes, but it is notable for the many tourist attractions and points of interest locked in its territory as well.

The true heart of London

Even though Charing Cross, which lies on the other side of the River Thames, is officially recognised as being the focal point of London today, and distances within the metropolis are measured in consideration to it, the true geographical centre of the city actually lies in Lambeth, and more precisely at Frazier Street near Lambeth North tube station. Lambeth is a pretty old locality too. The first mention of the name Lambehitha (literally “landing place for lambs”) dates back to the year 1065. On the other hand, the modern-day form of Lambeth has first been recorded in 1255.

Parks and other green areas of interest

Despite the fact that Lambeth is located in some of the most central parts of the capital, it is notable that the area contains a very high number of open green spaces and it is very clean and well-kept in general, partly because finding comprehensive waste disposal services in London’s Lambeth is quite easy. Public parks, gardens, garden squares and ancient forests cover up to a third of the total territory of London, and Lambeth is no exception to that. Some of the biggest and best known green areas here are:

  • Brockwell Park
  • Streatham Common
  • West Norwood Cemetery
  • Norbury Park
  • Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens
  • Kennington Parks


Those attract tourists and residents alike with their tranquil and pleasurable atmosphere, opportunities for sports and recreational activities, as well as some pretty interesting historic buildings and monuments that are to be found within their respective vicinities.

Where to live in Lambeth

If you are looking to relocate somewhere in London, you cannot go wrong with choosing some of the beautiful districts of the London Borough of Lambeth. Here you will be close enough to the centre of the capital not to miss any major event taking place. At the same time, especially if you are employed in the tourist or financial sectors you will be close by career opportunities without a rival anywhere in the country. Transport links, accommodated by motorway, tube, train and public buses are great in Lambeth as well.

One of the best-preferred residential areas in the borough is Clapham. Known as home to people from the free-trades – lawyers, doctors, university lecturers etc. throughout the 20th century, Clapham remains a rather affluent community defined architecturally by tree-lined streets and semi-detached, terraced Victorian houses. Easy and cheap man and van services in Clapham SW4 are always just a phone call away, so if you would like to relocate here, help is always within reach. Two railway stations service the district – Clapham High Street and Wandsworth Road respectively. Underground stops you can use include Clapham North, Clapham Common and Clapham South.

Caption: Lambeth Bridge


Another neighbourhood that we would like to bring your attention to is Kennington. The district was incorporated into London in 1855 and still preserves much of its late 19th century suburban character. Due to the close proximity to Westminster and the City, however, Kennington is much busier today than it used to be in its earlier history. The district, served by reliable man and van teams in Kennington SE11, is home to several significant London Landmarks. The first one is the Oval, probably the most famous cricket ground in the capital. The second one is The Imperial War Museum, one of the biggest London museums, and the third is the beautiful Kennington Park.

Caption: The Imperial War Museum in Kennington

Naturally, we cannot miss mentioning Lambeth itself. The former small market town now turned a big administrative centre for one of the best London Boroughs lies on the south bank of the River Thames. In addition to top-notch man and van services in Lambeth SE1 offers its residents all the other benefits of a central London district. Interesting historic monuments here include the Medieval Lambeth Palace, home to the Archbishop of Canterbury and the pre-Norman St-Mary’s-at-Lambeth Church. The population of the district as of today is estimated to be 9 675 permanent residents.