Fear of Moving and How to Conquer It

You have money in the bank and you hate your current home but you still won’t move because… you are afraid to make such a major life change. Know that you are not alone in your struggle. Most people fear moving because they:

  • Worry about spending too much money in the process
  • Think that they will become victims of a moving scam
  • Do not want to deal with so much planning and packing
  • Assume that some of their possessions will either get stolen, lost or damaged
  • Are afraid that their new home will disappoint them in some way

Life is too short to trouble your mind with such unnecessary fears. Yes, your relocation may not go as smoothly as you would like to it go but that is simply part of the deal. You need to conquer that fear because it alone can sabotage your moving experience and turn it into a nightmare and that does not need to be the case. That is why we will introduce you to our 5-step program dedicated to overcoming the fear of moving!

Step 1 – Admit your fears to overcome them

The first step to overcoming any hurdle in life, be it a physical or purely psychological one, is admitting how much you are afraid of it. Doing that will help you understand better why you feel the way you are feeling. You will pinpoint the exact reasons behind your unique case of relocation phobia. Is it a change that makes you feel uncomfortable? Or maybe you simply do not want to deal with all the responsibilities that come with such a big task?

Step 2 – Remember that people move every day

You are not the first person in the world to plan a home move and you certainly won’t be the last one. Moving has always been part of human’s existence and if it really was as bad as you think it is, the word “nomad” would not even exist, right!

Step 3 – Do not do it alone

Having someone experienced to help you out is guaranteed to make things easier on you. You can ask some of your friends or relatives to assist you in some way by giving you a few old boxes or recommending you a team of movers in your area. Professional moving experts will certainly lighten your load, especially those that are qualified to provide their customers with additional services such as end of tenancy cleaning or risk-free waste collection in London.

Step 4 – Give yourself more time

Some people are comfortable living outside of their comfort zone, others – not so much. If you are part of the second group, try to take it slowly instead of pushing yourself too hard. For instance, instead of wrapping up your entire relocation in a month, find a way to extend this deadline to two months or even more. Often times, people fear not so much the moving process but the need to race against time.

Step 5 – Learn to let go

Relocations can be hard on control-freaks. This is because expecting that everything will go according to your plans when moving house or flat is nothing more than wishful thinking. Learn to accept that some things will mess up and go wrong. Be prepared to improvise when circumstances require it.