Debunking the Top Office Relocation Misconceptions

We are living in the Information Age and everything is usually just one mouse-click away from us, including the answers to many of the office relocation questions that all companies eventually face. Despite that, there are still several quite big myths about business moves which continue to circulate with great power. Today is the day in which these myths will be finally debunked. It is time to stop thinking that:

  • Your employees are those that need to pack everything in the office
  • Using the assistance of seasoned business removal experts is too expensive
  • The company will need to deal with a long downtime during the move
  • Each piece of paper, important or not, needs to be packed and transported to the new office

Neither of these things is true and we will now see why that is so.

You will speed up the process if your team does the packing

Assigning some of your team members to pack all the of the equipment and items in the office is wrongly thought to be an effective strategy for companies that want to quickly relocate. There is, however, a much faster way to tackle this task and that is by hiring skilled packers. Your employees already have jobs and we are guessing that they do not involve the packing of office supplies. By asking them to do something like that, you will only reduce their productivity and distract them from doing the things for which they are paid and trained to do. As a result, the workflow in the office will suffer a blow and that is guaranteed to lead to work-related delays and business downtimes.

Hiring a professional business removal company costs a fortune

There is a grain of truth in this misconception – some moving firms tend to overcharge for the services they provide. However, there are other more client-focused removal businesses out there that will tailor their services to the budget and needs of their customers. Comprehensive office removals in London that are delivered by such companies are quite inexpensive even when they come with extras such as storage, packing and junk collection. You just need to research them carefully before you hire them.

Relocating office always leads to business downtimes

Commercial moves are often trickier compared to domestic ones. Still, if you start planning in advance and if you rely on all-around professional assistance, you will be able to complete this whole process in a matter of a couple of days or even faster than that. You can even avoid any downtimes completely if you find a team of movers who take bookings for weekends or banking holidays.

All documents need to be moved to your new business location

This may shock you but you do not need to bother organising the packing and moving of big folders with documents to your next office. Instead, you need to move them to the cloud or at least to digitalise them. This can be done at a reasonable price. Nevertheless, it can be time-consuming. So, the sooner you get on with it, the better.