Answering the Most Googled Moving Home Questions

Thanks to the power of the Internet, smart mobile gadgets and computers, we now have access to an enormous amount of information. So, when you are getting ready to move home, it is only logical to first direct all of your relocation-related questions to the World Wide Web before you start planning anything. If namely this has led you here, on this webpage, feel no shame. Many people do their own little online research before they even get to the tricky packing stage of their move. To help you out and save you some typing, we will answer the most googled moving home questions. Drumroll time because here there are:

  • How to save money when moving house?
  • What are the most common reasons to move home?
  • How much does it cost to move home?
  • How to find a reliable moving company?

We will keep the answers short and to-the-point to make things even easier for you.

How to save money when moving house?

If you are planning a long-distance move or you need to move a lot of expensive or fragile items, do not attempt to reduce your moving costs by opting for a DIY move because that can have the exact opposite effect on your bank account. But you can reduce your expenses if you pack your items in used cardboard boxes, schedule your moving day during the workweek and plan your move in advance.

What are the most common reasons to move home?

People in the United Kingdom usually decide to relocate because they want more living space or when they can finally afford to upgrade to a more luxurious home or a more prestigious area. Some are happy to change their address in the name of their career or a new relationship. Others seek independence from their parents and flee the nest but they are also those who move closer to their family because they want to be able to visit their relatives more regularly.

How much does it cost to move home?

On average, you will need to pay about £1,200 for domestic removal services if you are moving a 3-bedroom home. If you opt for additional services such as a time-efficient delivery moving box delivery in London, that price will increase even more.

How to find a reliable moving company?

Read comments from clients on the web and ask friends and relatives for a recommendation. Hire only movers who are fully insured, properly licensed and professionally-equipped. Avoid booking a company that is willing to give you an over-the-phone quote and always compare the rates of several local companies. Do not fall for the promises of movers who offer dirt-cheap prices because good quality costs money. Plus, scammers tend to hide behind generous deals when they try to lure their prey.

We have reached the end of our crash course in home removals. Still, may the above-given answers serve only as the foundation of your knowledge on the wide topic of domestic relocation. We encourage you to continue your research because one can never be over-informed or too well-prepared to plan and organise a house move.