Non-demanding Ways to Help a Friend Who is Moving

You have a friend that is moving home but you are too busy or too tired to go and give them a hand packing the moving van or taking their bed down the staircase. Even if you have a good reason to say “Pass!” and even if your friend has decided to use comprehensive man and van services in Downham BR1, for instance, you may still come across as a rude person or an inconsiderate friend. That is even more true if your mate has previously assisted you during your own house relocation. So, if you are not able to physically help your them, you can:

  • Show some emotional support;
  • Give them a few valuable tips;
  • Lend them some packing supplies or moving equipment;
  • Offer them your post-relocation assistance;

Share your own moving home experience with them

If you have moved home in the recent past, you surely know a thing or two about relocating. Call your friend or send an email in which you list all of the moving home strategies on which you relied when you were in their shoes. Also, consider recommending them an experienced moving team in their area. For instance, if they don’t have a lot of things to move and their home is in the TN14 postcode area, give them the contact details of a trained man and van in Cudham. Finding a trusted moving service that does not charge a fortune can be quite a difficult task these days.

Lend them the right tools for the job

Aside from your experience, you can also share with your friend some leftover packing materials or old cardboard boxes that are still in a good condition. No matter how small the house move of your mate is, packing supplies are always in high demand when it comes to relocation planning and preparation. If you have a spacious personal vehicle, you can consider lending it for the course of the moving day.

Do something thoughtful

Show your friend that even though you won’t be able to be with them on their moving day to help them out, you still have not stop thinking about them and about this big life event for which they are preparing. One way to do that is by making them a playlist of upbeat tunes which they can listen to when they are packing their items or carrying out their end of tenancy cleaning duties. You can also bring them some snacks which will give them extra energy on the day of their relocation.

Help them get a good rest after the move

If you have failed to offer any assistance during the time when your friend was moving home, you can make their post-relocation life a little easier by helping them unpack or by booking a fast furniture assembly service in London for them. If your mate has pets or kids, offer to look after them for the afternoon so that they can rest properly or to simply get some much-needed me-time. That too will be more than appreciated.