The most magnificent parts of the Bromley

Aerial view of Biggin Hill Airport

Bromley is one of the 32 official boroughs of London. Set up in 1965, it is located to the southeast of Central London and covers a territory of 150.15 square kilometres. What is very characteristic of the land here is that a vast majority of it is actually within the Metropolitan Green Belt and the rest is, to a vast extent rural. Still, Bromley is very well connected and developed in accordance to the highest standards of suburban infrastructure. Because of this it provides peace and quiet that attracts people who are looking for the hassle and stress of the big city, of course without actually leaving London.  There are several pretty nice residential areas here in the London Borough of Bromley, and here we are going to discuss them.

Elmers End and its industrial past

Bromley MapA large portion of the present day district of Elmers End BR3 used to be occupied by a large industrial estate. The sewage works here were of particular not at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th. The estate is now closed down. Unfortunately, it is believed that heavy metals have contaminated the site, so it is deemed unfit for residential development. The housing in Elmers End is mainly concentrated around the eponymous railway station, which is the main focal point of the area and connects it to both other parts of the borough and Central London. Crime rates and property prices in Elmers End are relatively low for London, which makes it the perfect place to settle down right now.

Three of the finest residential areas in southeast London are namely in Bromley

If you are looking for a place that is perfect in terms of suburban characteristics, access to public transport and services, including top notch man and van services Elmstead is going to be just the right place for you. In addition to all those things, the area is pretty well known for the so called Elmstead Pit, a designated Site of Special Scientific Interest due to the abundance of fossils from the Eocene (50 million years ago!) that have been found here. One of the most beautiful parts of the Green Chain Walk in these parts of Greater London also runs through the district.

Hiring a licensed man and van in Keston might also be a very good idea, because the district is becoming more and more attractive to people moving to and across London – do not miss your chance to rent or buy a property here. The former village preserves much of its original character which makes it particularly attractive. It is home to Keston Park, an exclusive gated community which boasts notable residents such as Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, who lived here gatherer with her husband and raised their children; Bill Wyman from the Rolling Stones also used to live here, and this is only the tip of the iceberg, so to say.

Aerial view of Biggin Hill AirportAnother really nice former village that is now an exclusive and very attractive residential district here in Bromley is Leaves Green BR2. The name of the area comes from the eponymous village green. The area is within the vicinity of the Biggin Hill Airport, of the smaller airports in Greater London today. Some of the buildings of this former RAF station have Grade II listing, which makes them points of interest in their own right.

Last but not least

The last residential district that we would like to bring your attention to is Locksbottom. In addition to top of the shelf van hire services in Locksbottom, here you will have the chance to enjoy a number of additional amenities and benefits. It is one of the few former villages in Bromley that features a relatively extensive shopping area – the one on Crofton Road.

Additionally, two of the best pubs to have a pint and a bite in the borough are located in Locksbottom. We are of course talking about the Whyte Lion and the Black Horse. And naturally, like any other place we have had the chance to mention, Locksbottom is an overall really nice location to live in.