Four Great Places in The Borough of Bromley

If you ever find yourself in the magnificent borough of Bromley you are going to notice that it is one of the finest places to actually live and even work in Greater London. Located to the south of the City, it contains the southernmost tips of the present-day metropolis. The borough itself was established in 1965, after the much-debated and well-known Government Act of 1963. At the present moment, it covers a grand total of 150 square kilometres in territory and has a population of 326 900 according to the latest census that has been conducted in 2011.

Well supplied with train, tube and other public transportation links, Bromley is a truly magnificent place to live in and has a very well-developed economy. Here we are going to discuss four places here definitely rate at top positions at all marks that are to be overseen when it comes to quality of life and comfort in the London Borough of Bromley, not to mention the fact that they are really very interesting to just visit as well.

The finest areas in Bromley are as follows

Cudham is the first place that we would wish to have the opportunity to mention. This former village is now an integral part of greater London, and there are even licensed man and van services in Cudham that you can make use of should you decide that you wish to have something delivered or even relocate to the area. Originally a 17th-century farmhouse that grew up to be a rural area and eventually became the very comfortable suburb that we now know and cherish, Cudham is most popular for the village fest, one of the oldest in England, that is traditionally held on the August Bank Holiday Monday.

Crystal Palace SE19, SE20, SE26 is another place to which we would like to bring your attention. You are going to notice that the area bears the name of a well-known attraction here in London, which is true – the district of Crystal Palace was the original location for the structure which was built for the Great Exhibit of 1851. The district benefits from a very comfortable location just 8 miles away from Charing Cross – it is still central enough to reap all benefits of its location such as fast access to professional man and van services in Crystal Palace SE19, SE20, SE26. And yet, it is separated from all the hassle and the stress of the big city. It was actually in 2016 when the district of Crystal Palace was named as one of the best places to live in London – a fact that its 12 255 residents are definitely going to agree with. The Crystal Palace Park, where the original structure stood, is still one of the best places to hang around on a lazy afternoon when the weather in Greater London allows for it.

And two more for the road

In case you are looking for a comfortable, well-connected area to relocate to, just find a reliable man and van in Coney Hall and start your move to there. In addition to the fact that the Prime Meridian passes through the district and Coney Hall F.C. hails from here, you can hardly find anything exciting about the area – which is precisely where its most positive sides lie. After all, not everyone is keen on 24/7 hassle and stress of a busy urban lifestyle, right? In addition, Coney Hall has three very good recreational spaces with sporting facilities:

  • Coney Hall Recreation Grounds
  • The Assembly Halls
  • Well Wood

Last but not least, we would like to bring your attention to the district of Chislehurst BR7, which as it happens, is well known and cherished by people who are looking to find the best places in Greater London to live. It is actually a rather affluent suburb which is home to nearly 15 000 people according to the latest estimates. In addition to access to good schools, excellent public transportation and reliable man and van services in BR7, Chislehurst has the profound benefit of attracting people of very high repute as its residents. Some of the most popular names that are related in some fashion or another to the district are none other than Louis-Napoleon Bonaparte, Allan Watts and others.









Caption: The Italian Terraces in Crystal Palace Park









Caption: Hazelwood Road, Cudham








Caption: Chislehurst High Street