Advantages of living in a flat

Interior view of an apartment

Most people would say that living in a house is preferable to residing in an apartment. The truth however is that flats have their benefits and today we will introduce them to you.

Lower property expenses

Regardless whether you are looking to buy or rent, an apartment will always cost less than a house that has the same space. Furthermore, flats are in general smaller than houses, which ultimate means lower utility bills, as you will have less space to hear or cool and fewer lighting fixtures to use.

You won’t have to spend hours tending the garden

Easier maintenance

Interior view of an apartmentAs we aforementioned apartments are smaller, which means that you will have less space to maintain and keep clean. In addition, residential blocks have concierges that take care of the green spaces and common areas. Or said in other words, when snow falls and the main pathway or driveway is covered and frozen, it is not your job to grab a shovel and deal with the issue.

Access to numerous amenities

The amenities of a house are those that you can purchase and install afterwards. Apartment complexes on the other hand are constructed with several specific amenities that are meant to make the live of the residents more pleasant. By choosing a flat over a house, you will have a quick and easy access to features, such as:

  • Pools
  • Gyms
  • Laundry rooms
  • Convenience stores
  • Outdoor playgrounds
  • Sporting facilities
  • Pharmacy

Higher levels of safety

Studies show that houses are more prone to burglaries than flats. This is mainly due to the fact that tower blocks have numerous inhabitants and a neighbour can catch robbers more easily. Another reason for this tendency is that the safety of a house depends from how much its owner is ready to invest into an alarm system while apartment complexes are built with their own securities systems, which are often of top-notch quality.

Larger community

Residential towerAs we already mentioned several times, residential towers have many residents, which augments your possibilities to make new friendships. After all, you never know if your adjacent neighbour won’t turn out to be your new employer or the love of your life.

Relocations are more prompt

Moving to a house is much more complicated then relocation to a flat. This is mainly because of the fact that you will be taking less things with you, as the space is more limited. Also, apartment towers have large underground garages or parking lots, where the man and van specialist can park without having to rush as they may be taking somebody’s space. Last but not least, the presence of an elevators drastically facilities the carrying process. You can easily move to your newly purchased or rented flat by using the insured house removal services in London of Atlas Man and Van. By delegating your relocation to professional contractors, you will have the comfort of knowing that all your possessions will be brought to you in a safe and timely manner.

No more looking for a free parking space

Quick parking

As we said above, residential blocks have immense parking spaces and one of the lots will be yours as soon as you buy or lease your apartment. Moreover, you can get a second parking space against an additional fee.